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5.3. Scripter

Background & Purpose

The Scripter Tool is used for the following purposes:
- Generating AdventAxys Reports
Note:  For Axys to generate PDF files, Adobe Acrobat (a version compatible with Axys - please check with Axys system requirements) is required on the workstation that will run the Scripter
- Converting Powerpoint documents to PDF
- Converting Excel documents to PDF

Launch the Tool

There are two methods for launching the Scripter:
  1. From the Assemblage Tools folder located at X:\Assemblage\Tools (where "X" is the network drive in which Assemblage is located), double click on the Axys Scripter tool
  2. If you use the full version of Assemblage, you can launch the tool by opening Assemblage, and selecting "Tools -> Scripter"

Select your Configuration 

Determine which instructions you should load based on the action that you're performing.  Go to Configuration > Open Configuration.
Select the appropriate configuration from the Configs folder and double click.

Tip:  You can use "Recent Configurations" to load the configurations you've recently used.

Adding the Items to Process

Click the "+" button in the "Items to Process" list.
Choose "Using a saved source"
Note:  The Scripter is responsible for many tasks, so your exact actions may be slightly different.

Click Next.
Choose the appropriate saved source, click Next.
This will add all of the macros to run to the Items to Process List. 

Running the Scripter

Select the codes in the Items to Process list you wish to run, or leave them all unselected if you wish to run all the items.
Click Run.
If prompted to delete existing files and this is the first run for the quarter, click Yes.
All of the items in the list will be saved to sub-folders in the Assembler In folder for use in the Assembly process.

Note:  Depending on your specific needs, any additional instructions will be included in your Assemblage Configuration Summary document.
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