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5.4. Unzipper Tool

Background & Purpose

The Unzipper tool extracts the files Zip file and places the content into a file for assembling.  This tool is only used for special Zip files, most .zip files will be unzipped using Microsoft Office extraction tools.
There are two methods for launching the PDF Splitter:
  1. From the Assemblage Tools folder located at X:\Assemblage\Tools (where "X" is the network drive in which Assemblage is located), double click on the Unzipper tool
  2. If you use the full version of Assemblage, you can launch the tool by opening Assemblage, and selecting "Tools -> Unzipper"

Select your Configuration 

Next you'll want to determine which instructions you should load based on the action that you're performing.  Select Configuration > Open.
Select the appropriate configuration from the Config folder and double click.
Select the zip file you have recently downloaded in the Source zip file field, and leave the other fields as they are.

Unzip your files

Select "Process > Process All" if you wish to unzip all the files.  Alternatively, if you wish to only select some files, highlight those in the Files and destinations selection and select "Process Selected"
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