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19.15. Symphony OCR is consuming lots of disk space on our indexer's local disk


Important:  There was a bug in an earlier version of Symphony OCR (prior to 5.2.77) that could cause a large number of files to accumulate in the SymphonyOCR\Work\processor1\ocr folder.  If this folder contains lots of sub-folders or files, please use the Check for Updates link to install the latest version of Symphony OCR.  It is safe to manually purge the SymphonyOCR\Work\processor1\ocr folder (the DOS command rmdir /s "C:\Program files\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR\Work\processor1\ocr" will do this if you are comfortable using the command prompt).  The rest of this article applies if you are running versions higher than 5.2.77.



By default, Symphony OCR will retain versions of the documents it OCRs for a period of 7 days.  If your firm is processing a large backlog, this can represent a significant number of files.

The retained versioning system is merely a belts-and-suspenders feature - just in case something goes wrong.

These past versions are stored in the Symphony OCR\Work\backupfiles sub-folder.


You can adjust the retention period for the Symphony OCR backups in the Processor Configuration Screen or you can disable the retention entirely.

If you wish to purge old files immediately, make the adjustments to the retention policy, then use Debug->Purge old backups (Advanced->Purge old backups, on older versions.)

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