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19.27. Documents aren't searchable with NetDocument's ECHO turned on


If you have NetDocument's Echoing feature turned on, a Checked out document is downloaded to the Echo folder to improve performance and redundancy.  When you open that document from NetDocument's interface, it scans the Echo folder to determine it's there and opens a copy of the document in the Echo folder.

If your document has been OCR'd by Symphony OCR that copy will be in the document repository, but your local copy may not have the OCR results in that Echo Folder.  If other users can see the OCR results within the file, but you cannot, it might be because you are utilizing the Echoing feature.


NetDocument's knowledge book article here:  How does the Check In List and Echo Folder Work describes how to disable Echoing and how to Reset the Check In List which may be useful resolutions for you.

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