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19.26. Unable to bring up Symphony OCR interface


Unable to open Symphony OCR  behavior is like a bad URL:


First of all, if Symphony OCR is installed as a service, please make sure the Symphony OCR service is running. Open up Windows Services to check for the service and make sure it is running.

Otherwise, we've seen some sites that don't handle the fully-qualified domain names properly.  Consequently, the 'Machine.Domain.local' URL fails.  To confirm this, change the URL to omit the ".Domain.local" portion.

For example, my default URL may be:  Indexer.Trumpet.local:14722/maestro/do/showWelcomeScreen

If this failed, I would then try:  Indexer:14722/maestro/do/showWelcomeScreen

(Omitting the ".Trumpet.local" portion.)

If this works, then the fully-qualified domain name is causing the problem.

Alternatively, if even that is not working, you could try inputting the machine's IP address:


And if that continues to fail then you may have an issue with rerouting entirely, at which point you can input "localhost":


*Please note that with this solution (using localhost), the Symphony OCR interface will NOT be able to open from another machine.


Once you're able to input a working URL, you may want to adjust the settings file so that it uses the new URL everytime, instead of the default. To do this, the default URL can by modified by editing the settings config file.  These are the steps:

  1. Close Symphony OCR (or if Symphony OCR is installed as a service, stop the service)
  2. Using Notepad, open the following file:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR\config\settings.xml
  3. Find the line that begins with: <webServerConfiguration...
  4. Add item on that line: hostname="Indexer"

    (Note:  Your hostname will be different.  I'm following the first example from the 'Background' section above.)

    >>> So the line might look like this:
    <webServerConfiguration autoPort="false" listenPort="14722" hostname="Indexer"/>

  5. Save file and restart Symphony OCR

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