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18.18. How to Run Symphony OCR as a Service


Because Worldox now runs as a service, Trumpet has received many requests to have Symphony OCR also run as a service.  This is possible using version 6.6.13 and higher of Symphony OCR.


If you are performing this update in concert with updating Worldox to run as a service, after the Worldox update you'll want to ensure that you've launched the Worldox client on the machine running the Symphony OCR service (typically the Indexer) as the Symphony OCR user.  You can determine the user by selecting the "Worldox" link in the navigation panel. It's typically 000000, but yours may be different. 

To run Symphony OCR as a service:

  • Click the "Check for Updates" link in the top right corner of Symphony OCR
  • Select the pre-release version to download the installer
  • Run the installer — accept the defaults until you come to the "How would you like to run Symphony OCR?" step
  • On this window, select "Run as a Windows Service" — Enter the Domain\User and Password.  Click 'Next'

Password Requirements: Must use the users Windows Password. PINS or other security Keys wont work

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