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18.17. How to Adjust Processing Priorities

There may be instances where you need to OCR a set of documents more quickly than others.  For example, you may have a particular matter going to trial next week and need to OCR the discovery for that matter or perhaps you’d like to set a priority of processing all discovery documents in your document repository first.

Note:  This procedure is a one-time adjustment of the priorities of filtered files.  You can also adjust the default priority of the documents by setting up separate monitored folders for each and assigning different priorities as applicable by following the instructions found here:  Processing Priorities

To adjust the processing priorities for Symphony OCR for a one-time instance, you can use the following procedure:

  • Navigate to the Processing Document List  (this is a list of all documents that are in queue for processing)
  • Use the “Filter” area to filter the documents.   Here are some example filters using wildcards:
    • C:\Document Repository\123-7789\*.  Use something like this to find all folders and subfolders for this particular matter.
    • C:\Document Repository\*\Discovery\*.  Use something like this to find all Discovery subfolders for all matters
  • Then select  the “Filter” button
  • This will filter your Symphony OCR document List to show only the files you’ve identified in your filter:

    Note:  This will only display 20 to 30 of the documents at a time, but you can scroll through the list using the “Next” button at the top of the list.
  • Next, select the “Show Bulk Operations” link. 
  • This will display the various "Bulk" operations that you can perform.  In this instance we’re focusing on the “Priority” buttons:
  • Select the appropriate priority for the documents (e.g. High or Very High depending on the urgency for this filter in conjunction with other filters.  For more information on Processing Levels see:  Processing Priorities
  • The Documents in the Processing list will now show a sub-heading for the priority:


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