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7.7. Email with ShareFile attachment

Background & Purpose

The Email with ShareFile attachment tool will email your Assemblies as ShareFile attachments.  Your recipients will receive an email that looks very similar to the way they would receive the emails if you had used ShareFile's Outlook plug in.

Using the ShareFile Emailer

In the main assemblies list, select the assemblies you wish to email.

Note:  You can select all or a portion of the assemblies using the common Windows keyboard commands (Ctrl+A will select all the assemblies on the list.  Shift+click and Ctrl+click work in this pane as well).

Right-click and choose Send to > Email with ShareFile attachment.
Double click the appropriate configuration (instructions)

If the configuration selector is blank, select "Choose another"

and select the file from the appropriate Workspace\Project\Config folder.
You will then be prompted to enter your ShareFile Credentials:
Here's a brief overview of the different fields in the Email with ShareFile attachment Tool:
To address - Typically a look up in your database to determine which email address we will send the email to.  The result of this pattern for each email is displayed in the "To" column below.
Subject - This is the subject line as your recipients will see it.  If applicable, change this entry by replacing values like YYYYMMDD with 20110930 or YYYYQQ with 2011Q3.
Attachment - This is the name of the attachment as your recipients will see it.  If applicable, change this entry by replacing values like YYYYMMDD with 20110930 or YYYYQQ with 2011Q3.
Policy - This is the policy your recipients will need to utilize to view the email attachment.  Here are the options:
  •    Require name and Email to access the attachment
  •    Require recipients to log in to access attachment
  •    Allow anonymous access to the attachment
Attachments will be available for - This allows you to set the period of time an attachment will be available for (e.g. always, a week, a month, etc). 
Note:  If you are unable to set a retention date due to FINRA regulations, you can opt to leave this check box unchecked.
Body - This is the text or body of the email as your recipients will see it.  This can contain a look up in your database to determine the salutation which should be used for the recipient.  If applicable, you can update this text appropriately each quarter, but pay special attention not to overwrite any values in brackets (e.g. {Dear}) so that your look ups are maintained.
The Body of the email can be formatting using the editor provided.  For a comprehensive list of options available to you see: Emailer Tool Formatting Options

Select "Send All Emails" to send the emails to all recipients in your list, or select the ones you wish to send and choose "Send Selected Emails".
Any files that were not able to be emailed will be listed in the Send Results as being "Not Sent"
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