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7.6. Sharefiler folders

Background & Purpose

The ShareFile folders option allows you to send files to the ShareFile portal where your recipients can log into the portal to receive the Assemblies.  You must have a ShareFile account to utilize this method of delivery.

Upload files to ShareFile

Note:  You can select all or a portion of the assemblies using the common Windows keyboard commands (Ctrl+A will select all the assemblies on the list.  Shift+click and Ctrl+click work in this pane as well).

Right click and choose "Send to -> ShareFile folders"

Double click the appropriate configuration (instructions)

If the configuration that you need is not in the list or the list is "blank", select "Choose another"

and select the file from the appropriate Workspace\Project\Config folder.
The ShareFiler Tool will open prompting you to enter your username and password for Sharefile:
Enter your ShareFile Email address and password and select "Sign In"
Here's a brief overview of the different fields in the Sharefiler Tool:
Publish to  This is the full target path in which the documents will be uploaded. 
Warn if folder does not exist - This is an optional checkbox.  When selected, the Trumpet Publisher for ShareFile tool will validate whether or not a portion of the Publish to path exists in ShareFile and warn you if it does not exist.  This allows youto create the folder path in ShareFile and update any permissions to that folder prior to publishing the files to the portal.
Folder - Only present if the "Warn if folder does not exist checkbox" is selected.  This is the path of the folder you wish to use to validate.  If this portion of the Publish to path is included here, the ShareFile folders tool will warn you if the corresponding folder in ShareFile does not exist.  This allows you to create the folder path in ShareFile and update any permissions to that folder prior to publishing the files to the portal
Automatically remove documents after XX days - if the checkbox is selected, when the documents have been published to ShareFile, they will have a retention date set.  You can set the number of days to be whatever you desire.
Here's an overview of the columns in the Sharefiler Tool:
ID - This assembled content's file path and will reference the Working folder in your Assemblage Directory
Target Path - The path and filename of the document
Problems - If the Sharefiler Tool requires Assemblage to query your databases to resolve the target path, and the fields are not available, or not populated you will see these types of issues in this column.  Review the Problems column of the list  for any Problems and / or Warnings.  You can sort by this column which will place the assemblies to be filed in the order of the Severity of the problem. 
Files with a "missing target path" indicate that Assemblage is unable to map values and those files will not be uploaded until the issue is resolved.
In addition, this column will display an issue if you have chosen to Warn if folder does not exist.  This allows you to create the folder in ShareFile and assign any user permissions / notifications at that time.

Send Result - Upon uploading will list the date and time of the upload
Once you have resolved all the Problems you are ready to file
Choose "Send All Files" if you wish to send all of the files in the list to ShareFile's portal

Alternatively, if you wish to send a subset of the files, select the ones you wish to send, and choose "Send Selected Files"

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