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7.8. Wealth Access Publisher

Background & Purpose

The Wealth Access Publisher will upload your Assemblies as to Wealth Access's Document Repository.

Using the Wealth Access Publisher

In the main assemblies list, select the assemblies you wish to email.

Note:  You can select all or a portion of the assemblies using the common Windows keyboard commands (Ctrl+A will select all the assemblies on the list.  Shift+click and Ctrl+click work in this pane as well).

Right-click and choose Send to > Wealth Access Publisher.
Double click the appropriate configuration (instructions) or select "Choose Another" and select the file from the appropriate Workspace\Project\Config folder.
Enter your Wealth Access credentials:
Here's a brief overview of the different fields in the Wealth Access Publisher Tool:
Investor username - Typically a look up to determine the Investor username for a particular report
Upload folder - The folder in which the files should be stored
Upload filename - The name of the file as it will appear when uploaded (Update any placeholders, like YYYYMMDD with the appropriate year, month and date).
Select all assemblies you wish to upload and select Send Files
Any files that were not able to be emailed will be listed in the Send Results as being "Not Sent"
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