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19.3. Insufficient Disk Space Warning


Symphony OCR is in either a warning or error state with the error message indicating that there is Insufficient Disk Space.


As a "belts and suspenders" operation, Symphony OCR creates a back up copy of files prior to processing them and saves that copy to the local workstation that runs Symphony OCR.  For more information regarding setting up the retention see:  Configuration Guide: Processor

If the workstation's amount of available disk space falls below 1.5 GB, Symphony Profiler will enter a "Warning" state.
If the workstation's amount of available disk space falls below 1.0 GB, Symphony Profiler will enter an "Error" state.


There are a couple of options for you:

Adjust the firm's purge rules

If the firm has opted to keep files for longer than the standard 7 days, you may wish to adjust the firm's retention rates to something smaller to purge the documents more frequently.  See the section Configuration Guide: Processor to find out how to adjust

Change the firm's retention location

You can also change the location where the originals are stored by adjusting the retention location.  Here are instructions for doing so:  Changing the Retain Originals (Backup) Location


You can also edit the settings.xml of the firm to warn and error at different rates.  Levels can be adjusted by manually editing settings.xml and adding errorUsableSpace and warnUsableSpace parameters to the <backupManager .... /> element




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