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19.2. There was a problem downloading the Symphony OCR Engine


The Symphony OCR installer downloads and runs the Symphony OCR Engine installer.  If it is unable to download the Symphony OCR Engine you will receive an error message like this:

This type of error almost always means that you have a hardware firewall or border router that is interfering with the download of a required component.


1)  Configure your firewall to allow traffic coming from the www.trumpetinc.com domain.
2)  If you are unable configure the firewall, you can download the required compontent from the URL provided by the installer error message

after you download, install to the folder that Symphony OCR is located in (this is typically 'C:\Program Files\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR', but may be called 'Maestro' in older installations).  One you complete this install, run the regular installer.  The regular installer will detect the engine and will not attempt to download it again.


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