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19.21. Documents in the Inaccessible List when security not applied


You see documents in the Inaccessible list, with the "Inaccessible Reason" showing:  File system or DMS security settings block processing".


Symphony honors the Worldox security model.  If a document appears with a red or yellow lock icon, it cannot be processed.   If these files are secured see:  Documents in Inaccessible list are not OCRed

If these files are not secured, (do not have the red or yellow lock icon next to them) this may be caused by having an invalid base path defined for the profile group.  Worldox requires that each part of the Profile Group base path be less than 8 characters and contain no spaces.


Change the Worldox Profile Group base paths (all directories and filename) to contain no spaces and be less than 8 characters, rename the folders on disk, and adjust the indexing rules accordingly. 

Another strategy is to configure a new UNC share pointing at the base of the profile, and ensure that the UNC share name is 8 characters, no spaces.  Then use ?:\ notation to configure the base path (your Worldox reseller will probably need to help you do this).


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