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19.22. Worldox API (WDAPI32, WBAPI) crashing


Symphony OCR uses the Worldox API to interact with your Worldox document repository.  This API consists of a DLL called WDAPI32.DLL and an executable called WBAPI.EXE.  If these libraries are loaded from the server (instead of local to the Symphony workstation), any network interruption can cause the Worldox API to crash.  This will not completely bring Symphony OCR down, but it does cause problems, and it is generally best to load those libraries from the local C drive of the Symphony machine.

How Symphony Decides Where to Load the Worldox API Libraries

Symphony OCR uses the workstation's system path to determine the location it should load libraries from.  Worldox sets the system path appropriately whenever Worldox, WDMirror or WDIndex are launched.  If you launch Worldox or WDIndex directly from your file server, then the system path will be configured pointing at the file server.  If you use WDMirror, then the system path will be configured to point at the local C:\Worldox folder of the workstation.  This later is what you want.

Checking the System Path

  1. Open a command prompt (Start->Run, cmd)
  2. Type 'path'
  3. Check the resultant path for the Worldox folder.  If it is C:\Worldox, then this article doesn't apply to you.  If the path points to the Worldox folder on your network, then use the steps in this article to resolve the issue.


On the Symphony workstation, check all of the shortcuts you use to launch Worldox or WDIndex ande confirm that they are using WDMIRROR.EXE to launch.  If you find any shortcuts that are launching worldox.exe, wdindex.exe, wbindex.exe (or any other executable besides wdmirror.exe), replace them with equivalent wdmirror.exe commands.

For example, here is the correct way to launch Worldox:

<network path to Worldox>\wdmirror.exe




And here is the correct way to launch WDINDEX:

<network path to Worldox>\wdmirror.exe /wdindex


After you fix the shortcuts (remember to check the Start->Startup shortcuts also!!):

  1. Close Worldox, WDIndex, Symphony OCR (and Symphony Profiler if applicable)
  2. Launch Worldox
  3. Check the system path again and confirm that the path now refers to C:\Worldox
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