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19.1. Troubleshooting Procedures

Symphony OCR may not yet have processed some documents, and / or may not be able to process some documents.  You can set up Notifications to track which documents are in the various Not Processed lists see:  Configuring Notifications for instructions.

If you do not currently receive notifications but want to troubleshoot why a particular document is not text searchable, here is a quick procedure:

  1. Open the PDF file.  Search for text inside the document itself.  If you can find the text, then the file has been OCR'd and the problem may be that the Worldox text search isn't working.  Worldox updates the text databases nightly, so it may be a matter of the text indexes not having been updated yet.  If the text indexes have been updated, see:  OCRed documents not text searchable for a potential solution.
  2. If you open the document and cannot find text within the file itself, then you can check the status of the document:  Checking the Status of a Document
    • If the document does not have a status at all, the issue is more than likely that Symphony OCR is not able to locate the document.  This is typically due to a Worldox permissions issue.  You should ensure that the user that is running Symphony OCR has full access to the files in the document management system.
    • If the document does have a status, you can look at the details page to determine the history of the document, or you can determine which document list the document resides in.  Here is a listing of the various document lists with further explanation:  Document Lists
    • If the document appears in the "Needs Attention" list in particular, please send an email to support@trumpetinc.com including a screenshot of the details screen.  Trumpet support may request that you upload a copy of the document via our secure upload portal.
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