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6.4. "Document for reservation ### cannot be written to" Error Dialog


If a user applies Worldox file level security to a Symphony Profiler reservation file in such a way that the Symphony Profiler user cannot write to the file, you will receive an error in the Symphony Profiler Processor Activity Log:

Because Symphony Profiler uses a Worldox user ID (typically 000000 or MAESTRO) to query Worldox, this user must have access to all reservation files in Worldox in order to do its job.  If it cannot access a file, you will receive the error above.

Troubleshooting Strategy

  1. Option 1: Remove Worldox file level security from the file until the reservation is fulfilled
  2. Option 2: Add the Symphony Profiler user (typically either 000000 or MAESTRO) as an allowed user on the file (this is done from the Edit Profile > Security menu)
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