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6.3. WAAPI - Create Path Error


A dialog box that looks like the following is displayed on the screen:

NOTE: This dialog might not be in the foreground, you may see this in the task bar instead - if this happens, click the weird looking icon, and the error dialog will appear:


There was a bug in Worldox that caused a modal error dialog to appear when the network drives became unavailable (i.e. a server reboot happened, or a network cable was temporarily unplugged).  This bug has been fixed in WACOMMON.DLL dated 20120206.


The immediate fix is to click OK on that error dialog, and check the indexer PC after any server reboots.

For a more permanent fix, contact your Worldox reseller to update WACOMMON to newer code.  If Trumpet is your Worldox reseller, you can open a ticket to request an update.

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