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8.6. Worldox Autofiler Tool

Background & Purpose

The Worldox Autofiler tool is used for archiving files to the Worldox Document Repository.  This can only be used by firms that use the Worldox Document Management System.  Worldox must be running on your workstation in order to use this tool.

Using the Worldox Autofiler

Select the assemblies you wish to file to Worldox

Note:  You can select all or a portion of the assemblies using the common Windows keyboard commands (Ctrl+A will select all the assemblies on the list.  Shift+click and Ctrl+click work in this pane as well).

Right-click and choose Send to > Worldox Autofiler.
Double click the appropriate configuration (instructions) or select "Choose Another" and select the file from the appropriate Workspace\Project\Config folder.
If you have a YYYYQQ in any of the fields, change that to have the appropriate year/quarter information.
Sort the list of items to be filed by selecting the "Problems" column.
Resolve any issues that you may have and select "Configuration > Reload"
If you wish to save all the files in the list to Worldox, select "Save All Files", if you wish to save only the highlighted files, select "Save Selected Files"

If you wish to cancel the file saves at any point in time, select "Cancel" (any files that have a green check in the Save Result column will have been saved, and you will need to delete them directly from Worldox)
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