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8.2. Bulk PDF File

Background & Purpose

This method for archiving is very basic and simple.  It will generate one PDF file which contains the Assemblies that you have selected.  You may wish to utilize this for Advisor Review for example, to provide the advisor with a single PDF file with all their client's assemblies in it.

Using the Bulk PDF File Method

Select the Assemblies you wish to include in your PDF File.

Note:  You can select all or a portion of the assemblies using the common Windows keyboard commands (Ctrl+A will select all the assemblies on the list.  Shift+click and Ctrl+click work in this pane as well).

Right-click and choose Preview

This will open a single PDF file with all the Assemblies you selected included

You can then save this PDF file to any location on your network using any naming convention you please.

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