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8.1. Introduction to Archiving

Archiving is essentially filing your assemblies to their final destination for compliance purposes, or for future reference.

There are several tools for archiving:

Bulk PDF File - Although not used often you might want to archive your Assemblies as one single PDF document containing all your assemblies.

Send-to Folders - This method for archiving simply sends the selected assemblies to a folder on your network naming them with the Assembly ID.  While it is a method for archiving files, this is typically done during the review process.

File System Auto Filer - This tool archives files to a folder structure on your network, where the files can be named and stored in a particular folder structure using database look ups.

Encryptor - This tool for archiving files to a folder structure on your network and is similar to the File System Auto Filer.  It applies encryption and password protection to the filed documents.  While this is not a common method for archiving, if your firm requires this level of encryption, it is possible to apply.

Worldox Auto Filer - This tool for archiving files to the Worldox Document Repository

Net Documents Auto Filer- This tool is for archiving files to the NetDocuments repository

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