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6.5. Details Pane

Understanding the Assemblage Dialog — Details Panel

When you highlight an Assembly in the Assemblage application, the Details area shows you what's going to be included in that Assembly.  Reviewing this can be instrumental in determining what (if any) issues an Assembly might contain, and the order in which the content will appear in the final assembly.  Viewing this is similar to viewing a Table of Contents of what is included in the Assembly. 

But that's only the beginning of what the Details pane can be used for – this email covers the really neat tools that the Details view gives you.  Master these, and you'll be well on your way to being an Assemblage power user.

Preview a single piece of content

You can double click on that file and Assemblage will launch the PDF of just that piece of content.

If you right click on a piece of content, you can do the following:


Preview the content.  This is a preview of what the document will look like when assembled.

Tip: If you select multiple pieces of content, then Preview, you will get a PDF with just that content included.  This is very handy for shooting someone a question about a couple of reports in an assembly.

Delete file from disk

Delete the file.  This works well, for example, if you have run a report for a client who should not receive it.  You can simply right-click and delete the file from disk (you should also remove that file from the group or set so you needn't have to delete it each quarter).  This also works well when reviewing the ##MISSING## Assembly, if you have files that appear there that shouldn't be (for example, your Cover Letter merge includes a new client that shouldn't get a Quarterly Report yet).

Edit file on Disk

Need to add a special note to a cover letter for a particular client?  Selecting Edit file on Disk opens the PDF in the network directory structure and will allow you to annotate the PDF (assuming you have a PDF Editor on your workstation).

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