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6.4. Assemblies Pane

Understanding the Assemblage Dialog — Assemblies Panel

The Assemblies Pane is a list of all of the Assemblies in Assemblage.  Here are some tools and techniques for making you even more efficient in using the Assemblies Pane.


You can sort on any of the columns within the Assemblies pane.  Just click on the section and it will sort.   While the fields in the pane vary based on your particular needs (you may have a Delivery column, or several columns for the various delivery types).  If you'd like to see all of one particular type of Delivery Method, simply click on the Column Header.  

The triangle next to the field represents the fact that you are sorting on that column and whether or not you are sorting in an ascending or descending fashion.  To change the sort, just click on the field again. 

You can also sort on multiple columns.  For example, you might wish to sort by Delivery Method and Advisor because a particular advisor has reviewed their reports and you're ready to deliver only those.

In the example above, the Advisor with the initials MD has told the Assemblage operator (that's you) that their Assemblies are ready to go.  So, you sort by Advisor / descending because MD falls alphabetically towards the end of the list.   Next, you sort by Delivery Method so that you can email, Print, and then upload her respective reports.

Select Multiple Assemblies

The Assemblies pane allows you to select some or all reports in a lot of different ways.  You can use "Shift + Clicking" and "Ctrl + Clicking" as you would in the Windows Explorer.

Using the example above, if the Assemblage Operator (that's you again!) wanted to send the emails for MD, you would highlight the BLAKEBI1 Assembly by selecting it with a mouse click, then hold down your shift key and highlight MOONLI1.  This will highlight all of those Assemblies which you can then choose to email.

Alternatively, if you haven't sorted, or wish to be more selective, you can use "Ctrl + Clicking".  To do this, simply select the first assembly, select the CTRL key on your keyboard, and then use your mouse to click the other entries. 

Finally, if you want to select all the Assemblies (maybe you want to print them all for review), selecting Ctrl+A on your keyboard will highlight all the Assemblies.

Preview Multiple Assemblies as one Document

Now that you understand how to select multiple Assemblies, I want to share a cool tool with you which is how to view multiple assemblies as one PDF document. 

Perhaps you have an advisor who wants you to provide them with one PDF with all their clients Assemblies in it so they can view them electronically and not have to open / close multiple PDF files.

This is really easy to do.  Simply select that advisor's assemblies using the methods above, right click on one of them, and choose "Preview".  This will open one large PDF with all of the Assemblies in them.

Here's an example of a large PDF with Multiple client's reports included:


There's no magic going on here now, this PDF is a document that you can file elsewhere on your network, or if you prefer, you can teach this technique to the Advisors as well as you can run Assemblage from any number of workstations!

ID Filter

People often ignore this really powerful field, but it's incredibly useful.  For example, if you want to find the Assembly for Sarah Wasatch, you can simply start typing her Assembly ID into the ID Filter field.  Assemblage will filter the list based on the characters that you have typed in:

If you want to see Assemblies that have the letter "C" in them, just put a "C" in the ID Filter field:

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