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5.2. Contact Management Software

Virtuoso references Worldox Find Templates which can contain a special code which references your contact management software.  In order to reference a particular contact management software, Virtuoso must know which CMS to use.

Note: For those using Internet Browser based CRMs --> Virtuoso is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer. Meaning, Virtuoso will only "see" your browser based CRM if you are running it in IE.

Global Contact Management Software

To set the contact management software for all users:

  • Right-click on the Virtuoso icon in your System Tray and select "Settings"
  • In the Virtuoso Settings window, select the Contact Management tab
  • Select the "Change" button
  • The "Choose Contact Manager" window will open
  • Select your contact management software from the drop down menu
  • Select OK
  • Select "Yes" to the confirmation dialog

Note:  This is a global setting and will affect ALL users.  You do not have to change this setting on each user's workstation!


If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM (not Tamarac's Advisor CRM), there is one additional setup step required.  Please visit Configure Virtuoso to Work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for further instructions.


Per-User Contact Management Software

You may have users that do not want to initiate their searches based on the contact they are on in their CRM, or who use a different CRM than the rest of the firm.  Users can opt to have a different contact management software than the global setting.  This setting is set on a per-user basis.

To set the contact management software to be a different CRM from the global setting:

  • Open the Virtuoso Settings window, and select the Contact Management tab
  • Check the "Use a different Contact Manager for this user" check box
  • Select the contact management software you would like to use (if you don't want Virtuoso to link to the CRM at all, choose "None"
  • Select "OK"

Note:  This setting is tied to the Virtuoso user and must be changed on a per user basis, as needed.

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