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5.1. Introduction to Virtuoso Settings

There are a handful of settings that will help you customize Virtuoso.  Some of these are global settings (which will affect all users), and others are user-based and will only be applied to the user.

Video: Virtuoso Settings

To access Virtuoso Settings:

Right click on the Virtuoso icon in your System Tray and choose "Settings"

The Virtuoso Settings window will open.  There are two tabs for this setting:

Virtuoso Settings

Global Settings on this tab:

Change License

User Settings on this tab:

Palette Location

Small Icons

Show Palette Bar only if the following keys are pressed

Generate Logs

Contact Management

Global Settings on this tab:

Global Default Contact Manager

User Settings on this tab:

Use a different Contact Manager for this user

Note: For those using Internet Browser based CRMs --> Virtuoso is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer. Meaning, Virtuoso will only "see" your browser based CRM if you are running it in IE.

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