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5.3. Change Client Code for Current Contact

You may have inadvertently selected the wrong contact code when selecting a Launcher Button for the first time, or perhaps you need to change the Contact Code that is associated with a particular contact in your CRM due to a name change (marriage, divorce, etc).

View Current Contact

To view the Current Contact from your CRM, from the Virtuoso Settings window, select "View Current Contact info..."

The Adjust Current Contact window will open:

Here you can see the Current Contact information, including the name of the contact and the code.

Adjust Contact Code

To adjust the contact code, you have some options:

Clear Contact Code - This will clear the current contact's code.  The next time you select a Launcher Button when on that client's contact record, you will be prompted to select the code from the table.  You do not need to know the new code to adjust it using this method

Change Code to - This will change the code to whatever value you place in the Change code to field



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