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8.4. How to Re-Align a User in Virtuoso


After a server migration the Windows user name has changed, resulting in the user receiving the following prompt when using Virtuoso: "Login Error: XXXXX is an unknown user - Do you want to create new user with this name?"


To resolve, you either need to realign the Trumpet\Virtuoso settings file for the user, or the user can re-subscribe to their palettes.

These are the steps for realigning a user in Virtuoso.

NOTE: In this example, we are changing the user name from JOHN to DOEJ. On your system, you will be changing the affected user from the old username to the new one.

  1. Rename the <user>_settings.xml file to the new user name.
    Old User:

    New User:

  2. Open the file in a text editor (notepad is fine), change the <USER ....> value to the user's new name (e.g. in DOEJ_settings.xml, change <JOHN  to <DOEJ .
  3. Make a corresponding change to the </USER> tag (e.g. change </JOHN> to be </DOEJ>).
  4. Save your changes

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