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19.13. Explicitly adding documents for processing


In some situations, you may wish to explicitly tell Symphony OCR to process a set of documents with higher priority than others.  This can also be used to process documents that wouldn't normally be discoverable by Symphony OCR (e.g. because of profile group selection).

This functionality was added in version 5.2.46


Important: this procedure uses the Advanced/Debug interface for Symphony OCR.  Be careful!

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Paste the full paths of all of the documents whose records you wish to debug (one to a line) into the "List files to perform debug operations on" text area
    Tip: If you have a set of documents selected in Worldox, you can type Ctrl+C to put all of their paths onto the clipboard, then paste the results into the "List files to perform..." text area of the Advanced screen
  3. Click the Process Specified Documents Immediately button
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