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2.5. Reservation Used Already - That reservation number is already in use error dialog


When a user makes a reservation with a given reservation number, Symphony adds the number to an "In Use" list.  Any attempt to use a reservation number that is already on the In Use list will fail with an error dialog stating "That reservation number is already in use, please use a different one"

When the back-end Symphony Profiler Processor fulfills the reservation, it clears the reservation number from the "In Use" list.  The back-end processor will also clear the reservation number if it detects that the reservation was deleted.

Troubleshooting Strategy

The first step is to look at the Symphony Profiler Processor.  Do you see references to the reservation in question in any of the following areas?:

If neither of the above is 'yes', then the issue is most likely a combination of the file not having been scanned AND something preventing Symphony from locating the reservations in Worldox (see the steps outlined in Troubleshooting Unfulfilled Reservations for how to resolve these issue).


If you are certain that the above does not resolve the issue, you may have found one of the rare cases where a reservation can be deleted outside of the knowledge of Symphony Profiler Processor.  Some of these cases may include periods when the Symphony Profiler (back end) Processor is down, when the Indexer PC is down, if reservation files were deleted from Worldox, etc.  In these "corner cases", and possibly a few others, the list of used reservations may not get updated properly.  Which means the individual reservation ID may not be freed up for future use.  Basically, this is a side-effect of always erring on the side of caution. 

There are avenues that could be pursued to debug the individual reservation IDs, including investigating the Worldox audit trails of the reservation file and of the resulting .pdf file.  But these avenues are time-consuming, and rarely part of the normal operating procedures.  The bottom line is that the easy work-around for this problem is to trash the cover sheet with the locked reservation and print a new cover sheet.

Of course, if you find that locked reservation IDs are a common occurrence, we will want to investigate the business process to determine the cause of the issue.  In these cases, definitely escalate the problem to Trumpet for further investigation.  But if this is a more random, uncommon occurrence, especially if it occurs during periods when the Indexer PC and/or the Symphony Profiler Processor are down, we have found that basically it's not worth the time to troubleshoot. 


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