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2.4. Unable to Create Cover Pages


After the user right clicks on the Create Cover Pages icon in Symphony Profiler, an Internet Explorer window is displayed as follows:


or you receive the following dialog:


The cover pages are generated by accessing the Symphony Profiler Processor to obtain the barcodes and cover sheets.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check to ensure the back-end Symphony Profiler Processor is running (typically on the Indexer PC).  Here's what the Symphony Profiler Processor looks like:

Note: Pay attention to whether the Indexer workstation was logged out or not. If you see the applications launching when you first log in, that means the PC was actually logged out. If the workstation was logged out, you should contact the system administrator so they can determine why the workstation got logged out (in most cases the root cause is Automatic Windows Updates - we strongly recommend turning OFF Automatic Windows Updates on the indexer PC.

If the processor *is* running, you might have an issue with your indexer's software firewall, and the Workstations running Symphony Profiler are unable to access the Indexer PC. To resolve, you will need to add an exclusion to the firewall configuration, or disable the software firewall entirely.

Configure the Firewall on the Indexer PC:

  1. Control Panel > Security > Windows Firewall
  2. In the left pane, click Allow a program through Windows Firewall.  Enable Symphony Profiler Processor:
  3. In rare cases, we have seen the need to allow Symphony Profiler Workstation.  If it is not already listed, follow these steps:
  4. Select "Allow Another Program"
  5. Select "Symphony Profiler Workstation"
  6. Click "Add"
  7. Click "OK"

Advanced Troubleshooting:

Test workstation connection to Indexer

Symphony Profiler includes 3 URLs in the following file that can be used for testing:

<Network Installation Location>\Trumpet\SymphonyProfiler\Workstation\Shared\expressprofile.ini

Under the [URL] section, there will be 3 entries similar to this:


Usually the only test necessary is the 'ping' entry.  Type the entry ("http://IndexerPC.CompanyName.local:14723/ping") into your browser on the workstation that is experiencing the problem.  If connectivity is available, you'll see a one word response - "pong". 

If the "IndexerPC.CompanyName.local" is noticeably wrong, like maybe it is pointing to the wrong PC (as if a migration to a new Indexer has happened), the resolution is to re-run the installer for the Symphony Profiler processor on the new machine.  (<Network installation location>\Trumpet\SymphonyProfiler\Server\Updates\SymphonyProfilerProcessorSetup-x.y.z.exe).  Also, if the users are utilizing the workstation component, they will need to re-run the workstation installer after this as well.  (<Network installation location>\Trumpet\SymphonyProfiler\Workstation\Mirror\SymphonyProfilerWorkstationSetup-w.x.y.z.exe).

We have seen a few sites that had name lookup issues, but access via IP address was permitted.  You can test this by replacing the "IndexerPC.CompanyName.local" in the ping command with the IP address of the Indexer PC.  If the ping command successfully receives the "pong" response when using the IP address, and not when using the machine name, the obvious solution is to get your IT department to fix the DNS configuration.  If that just isn't possible, we have a workaround for Symphony Profiler to use IP addresses instead of machine names.  This is done using the 'useIpAddress' setting in the config.xml file - please contact Trumpet at support@trumpetinc.com for more information on how to enable this setting.

Other Known Issues:

Barracuda Web Filtering Service

There is another known issue with a software called Barracuda software that will prevent users from creating cover pages when Internet Explorer is closed. 

Workaround: Open Internet Explorer to create Cover Pages.

Long Term Fix: There is a bug in the Barracuda Web Filtering Program that has a temporary fix and which will be fully addressed in a later release. Contact your IT Departement / Barracuda Web Filtering Service to obtain the temporary fix / later release.

Update - November 2014:  The above mentioned issue with Barracuda Web Filtering Service was discovered in May of 2012.  At that time, it was reported that Barracuda had found and fixed the problem.  Since that time, we have not seen a return of the problem.



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