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2.6. An entire stack of documents was dropped


On your way to the scanner, you trip and drop your stack of documents that need to be scanned.  The pages are scattered all over and in no particular order.


First, you'll want to at least get the pages for each document in the proper order.   Then, you have a couple of options:

Re-Match the Cover Sheets to the Documents

Place the documents on left side of your keyboard and put the Cover Sheets in a separate stack on the right hand side of your keyboard

Find the reservations for first document in Worldox

You can find a reservation in Worldox in a number of ways. 

To Find Reservations that you have created:

  • Use your Worldox Favorites > SymphonyProfiler favorites list to retrieve recent reservations you have made

To Find reservations that anyone may have created:

  • Search Worldox for all reservations by typing the following into the location bar: *.xpf
  • From the Symphony Profiler Processor interface, double click on an entry in the Unfulfilled Reservations list.  This will open Worldox with the reservation selected

Double click on the appropriate reservation for the first document in your stack of documents.  This will provide you with the Reservation ID which you can use to locate the document.

Find the Cover Sheet in the stack on your right. 

Place the Cover Sheet on top of the document and place that in a third pile.

Lather, rinse, repeat until all the documents have Cover Sheets.

Now, CAREFULLY walk to the scanner and refulfill the reservations.

Delete the Existing Reservations and Re-Profile

CAREFULLY navigate your way to the PC running Symphony Profiler Processor (this is likely your indexer PC) with your stack of Cover Sheets.

Check the Unfulfilled Reservations quadrant to find those reservations.

Double click on them which will launch Worldox with the Reservation selected.

Delete that reservation.

Lather, rinse, repeat until all the Reservations have been deleted.

Now you can re-use those Cover Sheets (or throw them away and print new ones) and start the process of Creating Reservations for those dropped documents.




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