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9.3. Virtuoso 1.5



1.7.9 — - Updated license agreement to refer to Trumpet, LLC instead of Trumpet, Inc.


1.7.6 -

- Fix type-o in "There is a Virtuoso Workstation update available" notification dialog
- Bug fix - "This key is already associated with an element of this collection' error when displaying the Worldox find template list on some systems

1.7.4 -

- Strip quotes from keys and values when importing code mapping from CSV
- Bug fix - MS Dynamics mapping was not case sensitive on bulk CSV import, but internals of MS Dynamics mapping were case sensitive

1.7.1 -

- Bug fix - The Import button in the SalesForce configuration screen actually did an export instead of an import


1.6.34 -

- Bug fix - MS Dynamics and AdvisorCRM integration in Outlook wasn't working under MS Dynamics 11 and up

1.6.33 -

- Bug fix - Palettes created by users with Windows username starting with a number (e.g. '87') failed to save

1.6.32 -

- Bug fix - Windows usernames that started with a number (e.g. '87') failed with DOM error message

1.6.26 -

- Bug fix - On MS Dynamics configuration screen, the Import button triggers an Export operation

1.6.21 -

- Bug fix - some MS Dynamics screens report the underlying entity ID differently (with or without braces) depending on how the user navigates to the entity.  We now force the entity IDs to always have braces, and handle the case where firms have mappings using the non-brace IDs (i.e. backwards compatibility)

1.6.18 -

- Installer bug fix - Create Startup Shortcut, Create Desktop Shortcut and Create QuickLaunch Shortcut options were defaulted to On for new installs - the default is now correctly set to Off.

1.6.17 -

- Added /nethome switch to workstation installer (this allows the workstation installer to be launched from a location other than <nethome>\mirror.  If used, nethome should point to the root of the Virtuoso network home folder - e.g. /nethome=\\\server\software\virtuoso


1.6.16 -

- Bug fix - When Virtuoso is docked on Windows Vista+ machines that have a non-100% screen scaling factor, the Virtuoso window covered icons on the desktop
- Bug fix - When auto-hide was enabled on Windows 8+ machines, the amount of space reserved on the desktop was the full width of the Virtuoso window instead of the width of the small sliver of the visible frame

1.6.15 -

- Fix issue with tooltip state being 'one contact behind' when Virtuoso is docked
- Made tooltips so they compute their value on hover instead of when showing the palette

1.6.14 - 

- If launcher is unable to find Find Template in cache, force a reload of find templates (this can be slow in WD Cloud environments, and it could be triggered if the find template is truly not defined - so could result in some odd slow launches for incorrect launch urls).  Ref ticket 35010

1.6.13 -

- Adjust build script so it reads from ${user.home}/.m2/deployment.properties instead of hard coding credentials into the build script

1.6.12 -

- Change resource server to http://resources.trumpetinc.com
- Virtuoso now sends a heartbeat whenever the license number is changed

1.6.11 -

- Change heartbeat server to http://heartbeat.trumpetinc.com/heartbeat/sendheartbeat.jsp


1.6.10 -

- Added bulk import for mapping data to Advisor CRM integration. This allows selection of a CSV file containing two columns. The first column must be the unique ID from Dynamics (must be surrounded by { and }!!). The second column is the Worldox client code. The mapping is then imported into the Dynamics map. Please contact support@trumpetinc.com if you need details.

1.6.9 -

- Added support for Junxure Cloud
- Bug fix - CRM Settings dialog sometimes gets stuck behind the main Settings dialog


1.6.8 -

- Added support for Trust: entities in Tamarac AdvisorCRM

1.6.7 -

- Added special url handling for url's beginning with virtuoso: - this allows specifying of documents and additional command line parameters. For example:
virtuoso:"W:\My Folder\MySpreadsheet.xlsm"?/Test

1.6.6 -

- Bug fix - 1.6.5 caused Virtuoso Workstation to enter an infinite 'update available' loop (caused by move to 3 digit versions) -

- Bug - settings screen was closing after update check, settings screen not centering properly -

- Added Settings -> Check For Updates button

Summary: 1.5

Version 1.5 brings a new user interface, as well as a number of bug fixes and additional CRM integration points.

  • Virtuoso can now be docked permanently, so that it always appears on the your screen.  Instructions for configuring this can be found here: How to Always Show the Palette
  • You can now add URLs to Virtuoso buttons - meaning, you can create search buttons for web pages and other resources outside of Worldox.  Here's how: Create Launcher Buttons Using a URL  
  • Performance enhancements for docking the Virtuoso palette
  • Several minor bug fixes -

- Further bug fixes related to the fix from -

- Bug fix - error about missing find template when initiating launcher against Worldox Cloud when client code wasn't already associated with the current contact in the CRM (impacted all CRMs) -

- Added a timer that pushes our window to TopMost every 60 seconds -

- Tweak to launch process so if external applications are being invoked they will appear visible -

- Bug fixes related to positioning of toolbar & autohide

1.5.195 -

- Bug fix - 'Item already exists in this collection' error when loading find template list (happened if user had find templates named the same as a global find template)
* overhaul of installer architecture - we can now adjust Virtuoso build numbers without recompiling the VB code. Note that this means that the version number embedded in the virtuoso.exe file will no longer have any bearing on the actual version number. Instead, the actual version number is stored in VirtuosoWorkstation\version.ini (still visible through the GUI - but this is where the value gets stored)

1.5.194 -

- Installer bug fix - Junxure Save As integration wasn't getting registered properly, even if that option was enabled when VirtuosoWorkstation was installed.
* Removed Virtuoso Manual.pdf from server install
* Server installer removes .svn folders
* Server installer now uses the Workstation's configured network home directory if the server installer hasn't been run on the current workstation before (should make it a lot safer for users to apply updates from their workstations)

1.5.193 -

- Bug fix - older versions of Worldox didn't return all find templates via API calls, we are going to now retrieve the find template list from the INI files, and only use the API if the INI files aren't available
* Removed debug lines related to sizing issue fixed in 1.5.188

1.5.189 -

- Added ability to turn off update checking with a setting in the network home folder (networkvirtuoso\setup.ini -> [Launch] noUpdateCheck=Y). See http://support.trumpetinc.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=1261 for details.

1.5.188 -

- Bug fix - in multi-monitor systems where the monitors have different heights, the Virtuoso window didn't always extend to the bottom of the screen
- Bug fix - dragging the Virtuoso window when in 'docked mode' (i.e. auto-hide turned off) caused strange 'walking' of the application window

1.5.175 -

* Deployment fix - Didn't get the new VirtuosoMap.dll file into the 1.5.174 build

1.5.174 -

- Bug fix - Application hang when retrieving contact code for lookup_*.db based CRMs on certain contacts (hash collision issue)

1.5.173 -

- Bug fix - The SalesForce fix in 1.5.170 didn't work properly, now it is fully tested

1.5.172 -

- Bug fix - "Unable to perform search - Overflow(6)" error continued to happen (fix in 1.5.170 was only a partial fix)

1.5.170 -

- Bug fix - SalesForce entity identifiers stored in the internal Virtuoso map (lookup_salesforce.db) sometimes included ?srPos= in the value. With this change, any records mapped with the ?srPos= data will need to be remapped one time.
- Bug fix - "Unable to perform search - Overflow(6)" error when executing search in some situations

1.5.168 -

* Added defaultsettings.xml to the network Virtuoso folder. If renamed to settings.xml before launching Virtuoso, it will pre-load the configuration with the default Trumpet Resources palette.
* new installs of Virtuoso will now automatically copy the defaultsettings.xml file to settings.xml (i.e. if the settings.xml file doesn't already exist, we will initialize it)
- Bug fix: Virtuoso wasn't moving to the top of the window stack when it was first launched (and thus could be covered by other windows)

1.5.167 -

- Bug fix: Virtuoso doesn't always respond to screen edge mouse-over gesture
- Virtuoso window now 'docks' to the side of the screen, even when auto-hiding. When auto-hiding, a few pixels are docked so we can always respond to the mouse-over.
- New functionality: Virtuoso can now be docked permanently (so it won't hide between uses). This is controlled from the new 'Hide palette when not in use' option in the Settings panel. Default is checked (i.e. palettes are hidden when not in use by default)

1.5.150 -

- Changed the URL setting for Tamarac CRM from "*crm.tamaracinc.com*" to "*.tamaracinc.com*"

1.5.147 -

- Bug fixes to MS Dynamics integration introduced in 1.5.146

1.5.146 -

- Make MS Dynamics integration work with Tamarac's Dynamics 20122 based system
  - added checking of sub-frames for entity ID

1.5.145 -

- Added debug logging - trying to track down Overflow error (ticket 21844)

1.5.144 -

- Bug fix: Select Find Template dialog wasn't selecting the existing find template by default
- Added Settings... button to the alternate CRM
- Made alternate CRM settings take effect immediately (so the View Current Contact Info dialog works more intuitively)

1.5.136 -

- Bug fix - Older versions of Worldox had more issues with API calls not working when loading find templates list (this is a continuation of the issue I thought I'd fixed in 1.5.123).  Now if the getfindtemplatelist API fails for any reason, we drop back to parsing INI files

1.5.134 -

- Bug fix - If Worldox isn't running when the 'migrate launchers' operation (added in 1.5.116) is invoked at launch, it resulted in an error message and the Virtuoso splash screen stayed visible.

1.5.133 -

- Added Import Mapping... button to Microsoft Dynamics Configuration dialog.  This allows selection of a CSV file containing two columns.  The first column must be the unique ID from Dynamics (must be surrounded by { and }!!).  The second column is the Worldox client code.  The mapping is then imported into the Dynamics map. 

1.5.130 -

- Bug fix - Find templates added after the first time the find template was listed did not show up in the list until Virtuoso was restarted
- Add 'Loading find templates...' status message when loading the templates
- Added a setting to the VirtuosoWorkstation\Mirror.ini file - [NetworkInfo] NoUpdateCheck=Y  - if set to 'Y', Virtuoso will skip the check to see if there is an updated installer

1.5.123 -

- Bug fix/workaround - older versions of Worldox didn't return find template info in the API calls.  If that happens, we now drop back to INI reading

1.5.118 -

- Help menu now directs to new knowledge articles

1.5.117 -

- Find templates that have [!...!] format are now adjusted to {!...!} format as the search URLs are constructed (cleanup legacy stuff)
- Find templates that have {!CLIENTCODE!} or [!CLIENTCODE!] are now converted to {!CONTACTCODE!} as the search URLs are constructed (cleanup legacy stuff)
- Bug fix - user wasn't getting prompted for client code if no client code was already set
- Launchers with tooltip templates that have [!...!] are now converted to {!...!}

1.5.116 -

- Each launcher now has a 'Search URL' associated.  If this is set, that URL is used to invoke the search.
- When a find template is selected for a launcher, a default Search URL is created with appropriate overrides based on which fields have {!...!} parameters
- The search that gets invoked in Worldox is now actually the find template (no more zVirtuoso) - this means that it's much simpler to save column headers
- Because we now use the Search URL, if the user accidentally makes changes to a find template and blows away the {!CONTACTCODE!} value, things will still work.  The only downside here is that if the user actually wants to remove the {!CONTACTCODE!} value from the search definition, they'll have to do it be editing the Search URL in the Launcher screen
- When Virtuoso first launches, it will migrate launchers from the old format (based on the find template name) to the new format (using Search URLs).  This migration happens only once (the first user to launch Virtuoso after the update gets hit with it).  During this migration a progress message will appear 'Migrating launchers...'
- Note that you can use this Search URL to launch things outside of Worldox
- Users can no longer move an Only Me find template to Global from within Virtuoso.  It's pretty important that only global find templates be used in Virtuoso buttons

1.5.109 -

- Shift to using WDAPI to retrieve find template list, and invoke searches using wdox URLs (makes Virtuoso work with Enterprise)

1.5.90 -

- Changed forceforeground calls to not use frmTemp (use AppBAr.hwnd instead)

1.5.89 -

- Installer now checks for setup.ini [TrumpetConfig] WarnAboutWorkstationAdmin=Y  - if set to 'Y', a big warning is shown warning that you need to involve the sys admins before applying updates b/c sys admins may be needed to update workstations

1.5.88 -

- Bug fix - if Windows had a Running Object that contained the name of the Access database (mdb file) as *part* of the moniker name, we could sometimes retrieve the wrong object - we now check to make sure the moniker name maps directly to a file on disk before returning it


- Added WMI CRM (custom)

1.5.84 / 85-

- Bug fix - licenses with expiration date were prompting users to approve continuation of the trial period
- Completely removed trial period handling


- Added support for new license number format (e.g. VU10-M-xxxx)

1.5.82 -

- Added support for VIRTUOSO5 license type


- MS Dynamics and Advisor CRM (by Tamarac) integration points now link to Lead records (in addition to Account and Contact records)


- Bug fix - Client codes selected during search did not save to ProTracker Advantage


- Internal - Additional debugging lines for screen height troubleshooting
- Bug fix - Virtuoso was not computing it's height properly when running in a MS Published Apps environment


Checking the Generate Logs checkbox now turns on logging immediately instead of the user having to click OK
Bug fix - changes in 1.5.49 caused the following CRM implementations to fail: SalesForce, IAS, RedTail

1.5.50 -

Added debugging lines to see height information being provided by published apps window manager

1.5.49 -

MS Dynamics and Tamarac (Advisor CRM) integration enhanced to support Outlook version of MS Dynamics
Users can now specify a different CRM to integrate with (including None) - available in Settings->Contact Management

1.5.46 -

Palette selection dialog title (when copying or moving launchers) is now "Choose target palette" instead of "Choose Palette to Receive Copy"

1.5.45 -

Removed Document Management tab from setting dialog

1.5.43 -

Made Virtuoso tab in Settings dialog the default

1.5.42 -

Completely removed WD Autolaunch functionality

1.5.41 -

Added additional error trapping so Virtuoso will still function if Junxure is set as CRM and Junxure has never been installed to the workstation

1.5.39 -

Fix for random blue icon issue


Code lookup now uses the standard Worldox code lookup table, instead of one we created ourselves
Improvement to Junxure serching - if the user has an Action open, Virtuoso will pull the current contact info from the action instead of the current contact.  The only limitation here is that it is not possible to *set* the code from an action (this is a Junxure limitation - not my fault)


Removed "There was an error while checking for auto-logout" error message - we now just silently log the issue and move on

1.5.14 -

Bug Fix: Unable to get current contact info when PDF is showing in another IE window


Fixed bug in GoldMine integration where we were unable to set client code values if the underlying field wasn't in Contact2 table


Added 'template' checkbox to palette definition dialog.  Any palette with this checked will be auto-subscribed to brand new users the first time they launch Virtuoso


Changed behavior when searching Internet Explorer for web based CRM tabs - we now only consider tabs if they are the selected tab in a given IE window


Support for new MS Dynamics CRM interface
Support for new Tamarac CRM interface


Compatibility fix for docking issues in Citrix published apps deployments


Added Morningstar Office integration


Added SalesLogix integration


New application icon
New splash
Disabled Tips dialog
New VirtuosoIcons2.dll - better looking icons for launcher buttons (existing palettes will still use the old icons)

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