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9.4. Updating Virtuoso from Versions PRIOR to ver.

Update Virtuoso Software


The main Virtuoso installation is performed to a shared network directory.  Applying an update involves installing the new version of Virtuoso to the *network* Virtuoso folder.  Workstations will then auto-detect that a new version of Virtuoso Workstation is available, and will prompt users to update the Virtuoso Workstation install.

Note for Terminal Servers:  After performing the Virtuoso network update, you must install the Virtuoso Workstation update on your Terminal Servers while logged on as a user with installation permissions.  It is good practice after applying a Virtuoso update (described below) to immediately log on to your Terminal Server(s) and launch Virtuoso and allow the Virtuoso Workstation update to run.


Versions prior to

  1. Download and save the new Virtuoso installer (using the "Download" button in your email notification)
  2. Double-click the Virtuoso installer
  3. Click "Next"
  4. Leave the installation folder as the root of the *network* folder that contains your Virtuoso installation (if you are updating, this should be pre-filled), then click "Next"
  5. After the installation completes, leave the "Install Virtuoso Workstation" checkbox checked, then click "Finish"
  6. The Virtuoso Workstation installer will now launch (this will install Virtuoso Workstation to this computer)
    Note: if you see a User Account Control dialog, click "Yes"
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Leave the installation folder as the default (this will be installing to the local C drive of the workstation), click "Next"
  9. On the Choose Component page, leave the default settings as is (or adjust as desired), then click "Install"
  10. After the installation finishes, leave the "Start Virtuoso Workstation" checkbox checked, then click "Finish"
  11. The new version of Virtuoso will launch

As other users launch Virtuoso on their workstations (or Terminal Servers), they will receive a prompt to install the update.

Note: If you already have a version newer than then refer to our other article: Virtuoso Licensing and Updates

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