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6.4. Using Attach Plus Links instead of Windows Shortcuts

One issue with using Attach Plus to attach shortcuts is that when the recipient double clicks on the attachment, it opens the document directly.  There are some situations, where the recipient would prefer to have Windows Explorer open with the file selected.

If the recipient has Attach Plus installed, then the 'Use Attach Plus links instead of shortcuts' option on the Advanced configuration page can do this.

To enable:

  1. Right click, Settings
  2. If you are using Windows Vista or 7, on the General tab, click the Change Global Settings... button
  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and enable the 'Use Attach Plus links instead of shortcuts' checkbox

To test:

  1. Attach a file from your network, and choose the Shortcut attach format (Note: The Shortcut format will only be available for files stored on your network).
  2. The attachment icon has the yellow Attach Plus logo:

    and double clicking it opens Windows Explorer with the file selected

A couple of key things to consider:

Important: The *recipient* must also have Attach Plus installed in order to open Attach Plus Link attachments

Note: You can control this feature using the Attach Plus Group Policy Administrative Templates using the 'Enable Attach Plus link shortcuts' policy

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