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7.2. Group Policy Administrative Templates

Group Policy Administrative Templates

This section provides tips and techniques to aid in deploying and administering Attach Plus on many workstations.  This document describes how to configure default configuration settings for deployment, and how to run the installer in silent mode.

Important:  Support for Group Policy was added to the Attach Plus application in version  Please make sure that you have a build newer than that before using this procedure.

Attach Plus can be managed in Group Policy (GP) using the attachplus.adm administrative template file (included in the installer at C:\Program Files (x86)\AttachPlus\administrative templates).  The process for installing the administrative template is as follows:

  • Copy the attachplus.adm file into your domain controller's %windir%\inf folder (e.g. C:\Windows\inf\attachplus.adm)
  • Open the group policy editor for the GP you wish to add the template to (Note:  You can create multiple OU's or use security on the GP itself to control which users have a particular policy applied).
  • Select 'User Configuration\Administrative Templates'
  • Right click, Add/Remove Templates
  • Click Add, browse to %windir%\inf\attachplus.adm, click Open, then click Close
  • Open the 'User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Attach Plus' branch to see the various configuration options


Other Settings

Attach Plus has many settings, not all of which are exposed through the administrative template at this time.  If you have specific needs, be sure to let us know (support@attachplus.com)

Special Machine Level Group Policy Settings

Attach Plus includes Group Policy (GP) settings in attachplus.adm that can be used to force certain workstation level settings.  At this time, these settings pertain to forcing Send To integration to be enabled, even for users without Power User or Administrative rights, or on Vista workstations:

  • Follow the steps earlier in this document for installing attachplus.adm
  • Open the Group Policy Object Editor
  • From the main menu, Click View->Filtering
  • DE-select the 'Only show policy settings that can be fully managed' checkbox:


  • Open the 'Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Attach Plus\Startup' branch
  • Double click the 'Force Send To integration to be enabled' policy and change it to Enabled.

Important Note:  This setting is not a true policy setting.  If the policy is changed to 'Not Configured', or the administrative template is unloaded, the setting will not revert to it's prior value.

Important Note 2:  If this setting is applied to a workstation that does not have Attach Plus installed, the default mail client for the workstation will be cleared.  This will happen every time the workstation logs in while the policy is active.  Please make sure that this policy only gets applied to workstations that have Attach Plus installed.

  • Once the policy is set, the workstations will receive the new setting at their next reboot.
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