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3.5. Send as a Windows Shortcut

Sometimes you want to send an internal email with a reference to a file on your network (as opposed to sending a copy of the file). This would, for example, allow you to collaborate on the editing of a Word document.

Attach Plus makes this easy to do with the 'Shortcut' attach format.

When you are attaching a document that Attach Plus determines can be accessed by other users on your network (i.e. the file is on a network drive), the Shortcut attach format becomes available.

Attach Plus also gives you the option of changing the name of the shortcut that will be attached to the email.

Tip: If you are using Shortcuts, you may want to consider the advanced 'Sending using Attach Plus Links instead of Shortcuts' feature.

Important: Some versions of MS Outlook will warn the recipient of an email that contains shortcut attachments that the attachment may be a virus. This is a precaution to prevent outside attackers from sending a shortcut that may launch an application that the user does not want.

Shortcuts created by Attach Plus do not contain viruses - this is just a warning message that Microsoft added to Outlook to protect some users from themselves.

Note: When using Send To integration, some applications (Worldox for example), create a temporary copy of the document before sending it on to Attach Plus. In this case, the document that Attach Plus receives is not available on the network. In this situation, the Shortcut attach format will not be available, even though the source document itself is, technically, on a network drive.

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