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15.15. Symphony OCR Trials: How Backlog Throttling Works (and how to configure Backlog Overclocking)

If you have a Symphony OCR Trial then this applies to you!

Backlog throttling is an advanced feature in Symphony OCR that ensures that your system will have processing capacity to use on new documents as they are added to your document repository.  If that capacity does not get used in a given day, then the backlog will be processed using that unused capacity.  This only applies for folks that have a limited page count (if you have a Symphony OCR Trial license this applies to you).  If you have an unlimited page count with Symphony OCR, then this won't be necessary.

Symphony OCR considers any document with modified date older than 5 days to be part of the backlog.  Any document with modified date less than 5 days will be processed regardless of any throttling.

If you wish your backlog to be processed more quickly than the throttling allows, you have two choices:

  1. Increase your processing capacity (contact your Symphony Channel Partner for pricing)
  2. Adjust the backlog throttling algorithm parameters by enabling "overclocking"

Of these, increasing the processing capacity is almost always the correct answer.  If you enable overclocking, you could wind up with your entire backlog being processed, but not being able to process any new documents added to your document repository.

If you are certain that adjusting the backlog throttling algorithm is what you need, here's how:

  1. The settings that control backlog overclocking are found under the Processor configuration screen
  2. Enable backlog overclocking with the checkbox
  3. Set the number of new pages per day you expect your firm to be adding - these will be held in reserve, until the day is passed.  Reserved capacity that is not used in a given day is immediately released for processing of the backlog. A value of 0 would mean that Symphony is NOT holding back, and it will process your backlog without reservation and use up your allotted pages quickly.

Important:  Enabling overclocking can result in Symphony OCR having insufficient capacity to process your newly scanned documents - this is almost always not what you want to do if you would like to process documents for longer term (like the full 30 day duration of your trial license).  Contact your Trumpet sales rep when you're ready to buy the full version with unlimited page processing!

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