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3.5. DMS Connections


A "DMS Connection" is established and stored within your SignatureBridge user profile when you initiate SignatureBridge through your document management system (DMS). When doing so for the first time, your document management system will ask for you to approve this connection. See here for more information on using SignatureBridge for the first time: Sending Your First Document  Approve Integration

This connection is created so that SignatureBridge knows who sent the document to DocuSign and to update the document on your behalf within your DMS as your documents are being signed.

View your DMS Connection(s)

The DMS Connections screen shows what NetDocuments account(s) have allowed Access for a Trumpet SignatureBridge user. You can view this by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and selecting "DMS Connections". 

Disable or Refresh your DMS Connection

If you need to disconnect your personal DMS connection for testing/troubleshooting purposes, or because the NetDocuments profile linked is no longer in use, simply click on the "Disconnect" button of the connection you want to remove.  

If you had a previous connection that has since gone 'stale' due to lack of use, you can try to re-connect it by using the "re-connect" button. 

Note: If you're trying to remove SignatureBridge features or access for your entire firm, see here: How Do I Revoke SignatureBridge's Application Access to my NetDocuments Account?

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