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3.4. How do I Activate/Deactivate Users on my SignatureBridge Account?


SignatureBridge Active User Count Licensing allows you to purchase a certain number of 'seats' for your SignatureBridge users. This means that you can quickly deactivate users who no longer need access.

If your license code starts with a "U" then you are on Active User Count Licensing. The number of allowable active profiles is the number directly after the U in the license. See the Account Info tab in your portal for the license number.

If a users account is deactivated they will receive the following error message when they try to log in:


SignatureBridge Admins (what's this?) are the only users who can activate or deactivate SignatureBridge profiles. To do this, the admin will log in to their SignatureBridge portal by using their DocuSign credentials. Once logged in to their portal, they will click on their name in the top right-hand corner and select Account Info.

Navigate to the Account Users tab and then you'll see a list of users who have created SignatureBridge profiles. Use the toggle buttons on the right to enable or disable their access to SignatureBridge. Changes will be saved automatically.

Note: To create a new user, simply have the new user log in to SignatureBridge (either through the portal, or by way of sending a document via NetDocuments) with their DocuSign credentials. This will create their profile automatically, and enable them if there are enough Active User seats on your SignatureBridge license. If there are no more open seats then the user's SignatureBridge account will still be created but it will be marked as disabled and unusable. To resolve, purchase additional seats and then have the admin log in to their SignatureBridge portal and enable their profile.

If an admin attempts to activate a user but they do not have any more open seats, then they will encounter an error message.

Contact operations@trumpetinc.com to order additional Active User seats.

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