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3.6. I have two DocuSign accounts - which do I use?


Some users may find that they have TWO DocuSign accounts associated with their email address. If this happens with your work email (which is already associated with your organization's parent DocuSign account) then it was probably accidental. This can happen accidentally if sign a document and then follow DocuSign's prompts to "create an account". 

Regardless of how it was created, SignatureBridge will recognize if you have two different DocuSign accounts for your credentials, and it will ask you to select the one you'd like to sign in to SignatureBridge as. Always select your parent organization's account, and not the one that is personal to you. 

Logging in to SignatureBridge with a personal DocuSign account will create a trial account, as it will not be linked with your organization's SignatureBridge or DocuSign account. One way you'll know if you're in a trial account versus your organizations SignatureBridge account is that you can go to your name > Account Info and see a trial key entry listed inside the "Subscription Number" field. 


Log out of both SignatureBridge AND DocuSign (open a new tab to do this), and then log back in to SignatureBridge using the correct DocuSign account. 

We recommend reaching out to DocuSign for additional support in managing your two accounts and possibly deactivating any unwanted accounts. 

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