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19.8. Migrating Symphony OCR to a new workstation

If you need to move Symphony OCR to a new workstation, you have two choices:

  1. Copy settings and database files from the old PC to the new - this is the preferred approach
  2. Install clean to the new workstation, reconfigure settings, then let Symphony OCR rebuild it's databases by processing the document repository (if you need to perform a clean install please refer to the Symphony OCR Installation Guide ) - this approach must be used if the original installation of Symphony OCR is not available (i.e. hard drive failure)

This procedure covers the first approach.

Prepare the Computer for Installation 

  • Ensure that the workstation and Windows user login for Symphony OCR meets the minimum system requirements
  • Ensure that a modern web browser and Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) are installed on the PC (this is not strictly necessary, but it makes troubleshooting easier)

Install and migrate

  1. Ensure Symphony OCR has been shut down on the old workstation
  2. Download and install the latest version of Symphony OCR to the new workstation, but do NOT launch it after the installer finishes
  3. Copy the following files from the Symphony OCR directory on the old PC to the new PC (typically C:\Program Files\Trumpet\SymphonyOCR):
    • Config\settings.xml
    • Data\* (i.e. all files and sub-folders.  *Contents only, not the entire directory*) - this could take awhile, be patient
    • Logs\* (i.e. all files - this isn't strictly necessary, but it helps to maintain continuity.  *Contents only, not the entire directory*)
  4. *If running Symphony OCR as a service open the service manager and start the service
  5. Launch Symphony OCR on the new workstation
  6. Uninstall Symphony OCR from the old workstation (this is important to ensure that you do not violate your EULA license agreement for Symphony)
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