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9.35. Issues when Password Protecting


Experiencing crashing or other issues when applying a password within Attach Plus.


The password protection functionality utilizes Java. Issues when using that function typically means that Java needs to be re-installed. Note that the latest versions of Attach Plus no longer use Oracle's Java Runtime. Before proceeding please note the version of Attach Plus that is installed:

- If you are running version or newer then your version of Attach Plus then run the installer for the Liberica Java Runtime. The link to download the engine is here: http://resources.trumpetinc.com/getresource/TrumpetJavaSetupA (please note that any reference to "Trumpet" is referencing our sister company, so the installation path for the JRE may display under Trumpet instead of Attach Plus).

- If you are running on versions older than then you will need to repair/re-install your Oracle Java installation.

If you have questions or issues with these instructions please email support@attachplus.com

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