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9.36. Attach Plus crashes when attempting to apply a password


Attach Plus uses an installation of Java to apply passwords.  When the Java installation (that is installed along with Attach Plus) is damaged, blocked, or interfered with, Attach Plus can crash when attempting to apply a password.  We've seen this often at sites where anti-virus or anti-malware blocks the Java installation.  And we've also seen a few sites where another application on the machine will damage or even remove the Java installation.  As you might expect, Attach Plus cannot tell what application or process has "pulled the rug out from under it."       


Typically uninstalling and re-installing Attach Plus and Java will allow you to get back to work. You can uninstall them by performing the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Control Panel
  • Select Programs and Features.
  • Find  "Java Runtime (Liberica, Trumpet Private)", highlight and choose "uninstall"
  • Find AttachPlus, highlight and choose "uninstall"

Now to reinstall:

Note:  If you are using an Attach Plus version before, then re-install Oracle's Java, found at Java.com (32-bit version).

If this is a recurring issue that isn't resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling, we highly recommend that you set an exclusion in your anti-virus and anti-malware software to exclude:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet, the root folder where Java and Attach Plus are installed. This can remove a source of blocking of the Java.

Advanced Troubleshooting:  In rare cases, we've seen the need to use the 'Process Explorer' tool in an attempt to determine which applications have injected themselves into the attachplus.exe process (e.g. example an app called ActiveWords has been seen to cause problems like this).  Once those applications are identified, they should be configured to prevent interference.

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