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3.10. What is a Signature Certificate?


SignatureBridge includes a copy of the dnvelope's signature certificate (aka Certificate of Completion) with each signed and filed version or envelope PDF that it returns to NetDocuments. It is a ONE PAGE document (or a couple if you had many people sign). It is a certificate of completion and validity. For more information please review DocuSign's website:


When you save your signed results as a Version then the certificate will be attached to the new version as a NetDocuments Attachment. If you use the Envelope PDF to save your signed files then it will be included as the LAST page of the Envelope PDF within NetDocuments.

Can I turn this feature off?

No it is built in to SignatureBridge functionality. If it becomes a widely requested thing then we would consider making this a setting. Email support@trumpetinc.com if you'd like to submit a feature/change request.

There are multiple pages showing up AFTER my certificate, what are the extra pages for?

If you're finding extra pages (about 4) after your Signature Certificate page then what you're looking at is DocuSign's Legal Disclosure. It is not being added by SignatureBridge intentionally, and can be turned off. To disable this then have a DocuSign Admin follow the instructions found here:


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