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3.11. What does Save Envelope PDF do?

Save Envelope PDF

For a video describing this functionality, see:  SignatureBridge Settings

When the Save Envelope PDF setting is enabled it means that SignatureBridge will create and file (within NetDocuments) a PDF containing the full contents of the DocuSign Envelope. It will be filed in the same location as the document you sent to DocuSign. If you send multiple documents from different locations, it will choose the first document that is contained in the package and file in that location. This Envelope PDF will also use NetDocuments "Linking" feature to link itself to each of the included documents requiring signature (it will NOT link to documents that did not receive a signature field in DocuSign). This PDF will contain all documents that you sent from NetDocuments and any additional that were uploaded separately from your desktop or network.

The Envelope PDF will be saved into NetDocuments as soon as your DocuSign Envelope is sent to its recipients (in other words, it happens on the very first sync) and it will be marked as “Checked Out”. Original documents containing signature fields will also be marked as checked out within NetDocuments. The Envelope PDF will be updated each time the DocuSign Envelope is changed or signed.

When all signatures have been received and the Envelope is completed is DocuSign, the PDF will be "Checked In" and it will have the Signature Certificate appended to the end of the document.

The Envelope PDF is named after the DocuSign Envelope Subject and is also identified with the tag [DocuSign — Signed].

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