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3.9. The SignatureBridge Envelope Document : How Does It Work?

The SignatureBridge Envelope document is where your Pending AND Signed DocuSign Envelope is stored and saved after you send Documents through SignatureBridge. In a single PDF it holds the UNsigned copies of your documents until all signatures are received by DocuSign. Only once all signatures are received, the final copy of the Envelope will be checked in as Version 2. Since it's checking in the content of the DocuSign Envelope, all of the expected Signatures and documents will be included:

  1. All completed Fields and Signtaures that you designed in DocuSign.
  2. All of the documents that you selected and sent through NetDocuments, whether they contained Signature fields or not.
  3. Any additional documents you added to the Envelope that are NOT filed in NetDocuments, whether they contained Signature fields or not.
  4. The DocuSign Certificate of Completion (appended to the end of the PDF).

Here are a few other tidbits about how this document works:

It will be named after the name of your Envelope which is declared in DocuSign.

This document will be "Checked Out" while signatures are pending.

The pending signature status (including number of signatures pending) will be shown within the Description.

Don't Delete it! If you delete the document, it will be recreated in the same spot.

You can Move it. If you need to change the location of it then you can edit it just like you normally would (More Options>Move) and then SignatureBridge will see the change, and honor the new location. (If you try and delete it after you move it, then SB will recreate it in it's original location and not the new location)

Your original documents will be "related" to this document. This document will in turn be related to each of the original documents.

It will be saved in the same location as ONE of the documents you send to DocuSign. If you only send one document, then it will save in that location. If you send multiple documents filed in multiple placed in NDs, then it will pick one of the documents and file in it's location. (We can't say exactly which document that could be, because behind the scenes DocuSign can rearrange the order in which it holds them). Use the Relationship, or the SB portal, to quickly and easily navigate to the Envelope document.

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