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2.3. WORLDOX Not Running


When attempting to create a reservation using Symphony Profiler, you receive the error "You must have Worldox running to generate reservations using Symphony Profiler"

Just as Worldox must be running in order to save documents, it must also be running to create reservations because in essence, when you create a reservation you're saving a special type of "document" in Worldox.


Open Worldox on the workstation that you are using to create reservations.


Alternate Causes

We have seen cases where certain antivirus applications interfere with the interaction between Symphony Profiler Workstation and Worldox.  WebRoot in particular has been known to cause this issue (as of 10/21/2014).  As a test, please disable or uninstall the antivirus software and see if that resolves the issue.  Update as of 12/4/2014 - One site was able to overcome this issue with WebRoot by disabling the portion called "Identity Shield".  May the force be with you on this one.


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