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7.1. AttachPlus – Oracle Java Announcement

AttachPlus versions 3.1.0 and higher install a private Java Runtime, based on the open source Liberica JDK. Liberica JDK will be installed to C:\Program Files (X86)\trumpet\Java when running the latest version of our installer.

This is available now and you are encouraged to update to this version at your convenience. See instructions below.

Why did we make this change?

Starting with the April 2019 update, Oracle JDK 8 will have commercial use restrictions.  For details on these restrictions please visit:  https://medium.com/@javachampions/java-is-still-free-2-0-0-6b9aa8d6d244

Attach Plus has used the pre-April 2019 versions of the Oracle Java Runtime, so none of our customers are in violation of the license, however, we felt that it was important to move to a different Java distribution that does not involve a commercial use restriction.  We have settled on the Liberica JDK open-source distribution of the Java runtime.  The Liberica distribution license has no commercial use restrictions and is ok to use with any of Trumpet's products.

When you next install AttachPlus, it will switch to using the private Liberica Java installation, after which it is safe to uninstall the Oracle Java installation (unless you have other software that relies on the Oracle Java runtime, in which case you should reach out to the software provider for their plan).

Installation instructions

  • Right Click on the AttachPlus icon in the system tray by the clock and choose "Settings"
  • Select the "Updates" tab
  • Select “Check Now”
  • This will redirect you to the AttachPlus website
  • Select the "Download" button
  • Run the installer accepting all defaults

If AttachPlus requires a newer version of Java, it will download and install it automatically.  Note that this also allows AttachPlus to ensure that the version of Java we use is not old.

This Java installation is used only by AttachPlus and/or Trumpet's other applications — no other applications will use it.

If there are no non-Trumpet applications on the machine that use Java, it is safe to uninstall the Oracle Java from the machine.

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