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7.3. Silent Mode for Installer

Silent Mode for Installer

The Attach Plus installer can be launched with a /S command line argument (note that this is case sensitive, so you must use a capital 'S').  Silent mode installs the application to the "C:\Program Files\AttachPlus" directory without displaying any on-screen information.

In addition, if Group Policy has already been applied and the following Attach Plus policies are in place:

Startup\Set product license – Enabled

Startup\Show the welcome wizard – Disabled

Startup\Force Send To integration to be enabled – Enabled


then the user will not be prompted for any information (a completely silent installation).  You may also be interested in additional options in the administrative template, including the 'Startup\Force integrated mail application' option.

Note:  The print driver installation routine performed by the Attach Plus installer must be run under workstation Power User or Administrator privileges. Ensure that your deployment script addresses this requirement.

The procedure for silently deploying Attach Plus is then:

  • Configure Group Policy (be sure to include the Startup policies defined above)
  • Execute the Attach Plus setup executable using the /S command line argument
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