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6. Release Summary: 6.4

Summary 6.4

  • Statistics panel of the Summary screen now shows the number of documents in the OCR backlog as well as the number of pages.
  • Resolved issues with progress graph display
  • Added the ability to determine which
  • Added a warning message regarding processing MSG files when Outlook is not installed on the workstation running Symphony OCR
  • Added the ability to set page count limits to allow users to determine the maximum page count prior to being placed in the “Too Big” list via the settings.xml file.  To utilize this feature, open the settings.xml file in notepad, and change the maximumPageCount=”300” where 300 is the maximum page count you want to process
  • Changed installer so that Run as a Service message indicates that this feature is not available for Worldox sites
  • Users can now roll back to the original (non-OCR’d) version of a document as long as that document has not been modified since it was OCR’d
  • Added error message if Worldox document could not be processed because of missing 8.3 filename information
  • Added Advanced Processor configuration setting to control the maximum number of cores that will be used during OCR.  If left empty, we will use all available cores (up to 4).  The setting must be empty or a number between 1 and 4.
  • Added the ability to filter found documents based on dates.  This allows for multiple Symphony OCR licensing on repositories that do not have distinct cabinets / separation.
  • Added support for NetDocument’s AU (Australian) data center
  • Added the ability to process digitally signed document.  This is enabled by adding allowDigitallySigned=”true” to the documentPreProcessor element in the settings.xml file.  NOTE:  This will invalidate the signature
  • Added support for additional languages (currently only English, Spanish, and Brazil dictionaries are part of the engine installation)

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