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7. Release Summary: 6.3

Summary 6.3

  • Added low disk space warning error.  If there are less than 1.5 GB of space left on the workstation, an error will be provided, if there is less than 1 GB of space left on the workstation, Symphony OCR will show in an Error state.
  • Added note to remind users to enable email attachment indexing in their DMS if MSG processing is enabled
  • Added 15-day grace period if the number of users exceeds the licensed Symphony user count.  During this grace period, the license issues an error, but processing will continue.  After the grace period has ended, Symphony OCR will no longer process documents.
  • Added the ability to allow the user to force processing of No Image/No Text documents.  If a user wishes to force processing of No Image/No text documents, they can either utilize the “Enable Processing” button on the document detail screen or select “Enable Processing” as a bulk action in the Document List screen. 
  • Added display path in addition to the canonical path for each document.  Filtering document lists will be performed against he display path.
  • Symphony OCR now tracks NetDocuments refresh tokens and issues a warning to the user 15 days prior to the user needing to manually re-authenticate the SOCR / NetDocuments connection.
  • Added the ability to install on Worldox Cloud environment
  • Lookup Document now allows you to type in the document id of a document as it appears in the document management system.
  • Adjusted the “Create Versions” option for processing documents in NetDocuments to True
  • Notification emails now include the name of the workstation that is running Symphony OCR in the subject line

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